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Terms of Service


If you are registered on our platform and/or have shipped to our location, you are agreeing to our terms of service and use.

1) Acceptance of Terms

1.1 YYZ PREP a Canadian Corporation doing business as YYZ PREP, provides its Services to you that are governed by these Terms & Conditions (“Agreement”). By accepting this Agreement, by accessing or using the Services, or clicking through on our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, have the authority to, and agree to be bound by this Agreement.

By accepting the terms you certify that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of your customer “you” or “your” shall also refer to such entity and its affiliates. YYZ Prep has the authority to terminate/drop a client based on YYZ PREP's discretion without notice.

1.2 We may change this Agreement at any time. If any change or revision
to this Agreement is not acceptable to you, please stop using the Services and send a cancellation email to “hello@YYZ” . YYZ PREP may change this Agreement from time to time without notice. You can review the most current version of this Agreement at any time at www.YYZ

1.3 Any user violating this policy voids any implied or express warranties and violates the YYZ PREP Terms.

2-) Sign-Up

You must sign-up for the Services through You may only use YYZ PREP services by being approved and registering on our platform If you are registered and/or have shipped to our location, you are agreeing to our terms of service and use.

3-) Our services

Our Services are the receipt, counting, storage, packaging, and shipment or otherwise handling of physical goods or shipping services.

4) Payments

4.1 Payment processing for Services are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement which includes the Stripe Terms of Service
As a condition of YYZ PREP enabling payment processing Service through Stripe, you agree to provide YYZ PREP complete information about you and your business, and you authorize us to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing Service provided by Stripe.

4.2 Stripe will collect payment from you via credit card. YYZ PREP cannot control any fees that may be charged to you by your bank related to Stripe’s collection or disbursement of such payment, and YYZ PREP disclaims all liability in this regard.

4.3 Auto-Pay When you use the Services, all charges for the Services and monthly storage usage fees to YYZ PREP will be immediately charged to the credit card associated with your Stripe account. You may receive a bill in advance with a due date within a few days on the beginning of your monthly period, if payment is late or overdue an automatic charge may be applied for the overdue amount to your card. Any discounts or external referrals are subject to minimum monthly requirements unless otherwise agreed upon. Company agrees that YYZ PREP will have the right to auto-charge a saved credit card.

4.4 Late Payment Fee If YYZ PREP fails to receive payment from the Company by processing your saved credit card ; a late payment fee of 5% (minimum of $30) will be applied to the invoice, unless the invoice is currently being disputed.


4.5 Freight Charges All freight appointment quotes provided through our service are estimates and subject to change. Final charges may vary due to factors such as late fees, storage, waiting time, or changes in carrier or broker fees. By booking with us, you acknowledge and accept that the initially quoted amount may be adjusted to reflect any additional charges incurred. We will inform you of any changes to your quote as soon as possible and provide detailed reasons for any adjustments.


5.1 Inventory ownership Products that are held by YYZ PREP as Inventory in our facilities, YYZ PREP will NOT hold any ownership of the inventory.

5.2 Risk of Loss Company hereby agrees that at no time during the period that Products are held by YYZ PREP as Inventory in the Warehouse will YYZ PREP carry the risk of loss in the Inventory. Risk of Loss in Inventory will continue to be held by the Company until such time as the Products are delivered to the End-User.

5.4 Company agrees that any freight charges incurred by their booking are Company responsibility. YYZ PREP does not participate in pallet exchange. YYZ PREP does have a forklift on site and does not require tailgate in most cases. YYZ PREP is not liable for any freight related charged i.e. tailgate, loading time, etc. incurred upon delivery.


6 Limitation of Liability and Dispute Resolution
6.1 Limitation of Liability: YYZ PREP endeavors to handle all products with the utmost care. However, by using YYZ Prep's services, the customer acknowledges and agrees that YYZ Prep shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or mishandling of products once they are in our custody. This limitation of liability applies to all damages of any kind, including (but not limited to) direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

6.2 Arbitration Agreement: In the event of any dispute arising from or related to the services provided by YYZ Prep, the parties agree to resolve the dispute through binding arbitration. By using YYZ Prep's services, the customer agrees that any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Service or the performance, breach, or termination thereof, will be settled by arbitration administered by a recognized arbitration institution in Ontario, Canada. This arbitration clause constitutes a waiver of the customer’s right to a court trial and relates to the resolution of all disputes relating to these Terms of Service.

7. Abandoned and Liquidation

7.1 YYZ PREP reserves the unequivocal right to refuse service to the Company at any point in time, for any reason. In the event that YYZ PREP exercises this right, the Company will be notified and given a reasonable timeframe of 3 business days to arrange for the removal of their inventory. Failure to comply within this timeframe may lead to the imposition of additional fees or necessitate the liquidation of the inventory.

If any account remains unpaid for 30 days, YYZ PREP has the right to classify the Company’s account as an Abandoned Account. From the moment an account is deemed abandoned, the Company immediately forfeits its rights of ownership over the Company’s Inventory up to the cumulative amount required to settle all fees, in addition to any reasonable expenses incurred by YYZ PREP for the preservation, storage, or sale of the Inventory.

7.2 Upon classification as an Abandoned Account, the Inventory will become immediately unavailable to the Company, and liquidation proceedings will commence. The Company agrees that YYZ Prep has absolute discretion over the liquidation of any Inventory, which shall be considered free and clear of any liability. The Company shall assume any liability thereafter. The Company shall have no rights to any liquidation proceeds from an Abandoned Account unless the amounts recovered through liquidation exceed the cumulative amount necessary for payment as outlined above. Should the liquidation proceeds be insufficient to cover these amounts, the Company will remain liable for any outstanding Usage Fees and 3rd Party Fees beyond the liquidation proceeds.

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