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FBA Prep Pricing

All prices are in CAD and excluding taxes.

All price tiers are based on a monthly billing cycle

Monthly Minimum Prep Spend: $500 CAD/mo

If you aren't able to reach the minimum invoice per month, the difference is added to your bill. Minimum includes prep related costs.

What's Included?

Referral Program


  Safety Labels (Fragile, Battery, Heavy, etc.)

  Bundle Labels (Sold As Set, Do Not Separate)

  Receiving & Shelving

  Inspecting & Notifying During Prep

  All Dunnage (Air Pillows, Paper, Foam, etc.)

  Basic Additional Boxes (New/Used within reason)

  Full Software Access

  Full Amazon Inventory Integration

  Full Amazon Shipping Plan Integration

  Discounted LTL shipping rates in Canada/USA

Got someone you want to invite?

You'll get 10% of their units prepped applied as a credit to your bill for 3 months!

Your business preps 1,000 units

Your friend preps 600 units

A credit of 60 free units (10%) will be applied to your bill

1-499 Units


Base: $1.20 CAD /unit

20¢ CAD /polybag

50¢ CAD /bubblewrap/ft

Oversized 40¢ /item + 10¢/lb over 5lb

Online Arbitrage Items 

+ 60¢/unit

Multipacks $1.60 CAD/pack of 2

+ 30¢/additional item

(includes polybag fee)

Bundle $1.70/bundle of 2

+ 30¢/additional item

(includes polybag fee)

500-2499 Units


Base: 89¢ CAD /unit

20¢ CAD /polybag

40¢ CAD /bubblewrap/ft

Oversized 30¢ /item + 10¢/lb over 5lb

Online Arbitrage Items 

+ 50¢/unit

Multipacks $1.30 CAD/pack of 2

+ 30¢/additional item

(includes polybag fee)

Bundle $1.40/bundle of 2

+ 30¢/additional item

(includes polybag fee)

2500+ Units


Base: 69¢ CAD /unit

20¢ CAD /polybag

40¢ CAD /bubblewrap/ft

Oversized 40¢ /item + 10¢/lb over 5lb

Online Arbitrage Items 

+ 40¢/unit

Multipacks $1.10 CAD/pack of 2

+ 30¢/additional item (includes polybag fee)

Bundle $1.25/bundle of 2

+ 30¢/additional item

(includes polybag fee)

Additional Fees

  • 20ft Container Unloading (Floor Loaded) $250

  • 40ft Container Unloading (Floor Loaded) $675

  • FDA Prior Notice to USA $1.75/SKU/box

  • Pallet Receiving $10/pallet

  • Pallet Creation for LTL (Carton Labels, Palletizing, Wrapping, Weighing) $20/pallet

  • Carton Forwarding  $5/ctn (currently not taking solely storage + forwarding clients)

  • Amazon Removal Order Receiving & Processing $0.30/unit

  • Picking Fee (for boxing individual units, but no prep required) $0.35/unit, min. $20/shipment - SERVICE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

  • Individual Unit Boxing Cost Varies - Please call/text

  • Pallet Storage Monthly (48" x 40" x 52") $50/pallet, prorated based on CBM 

  • Disposal/Discarding Fee $0.20/unit

  • Return Processing (Receive, Inspect, Evaluate, Reship) Call for more info.

  • FBA Ungating Photos $3/item

  • Any Additional Labor $50/hour • Can be subject to different situations, contact for info

  • Hazmat Shipments (Canada Only) $5/SDS provided by you, shipping charge is billed to invoice

  • Box Allowance $0.99/box over allowance - new boxes usage have a free allowance of one box per hundred units shipped

All prices are in CAD excluding applicable taxes.

Larger 3+ pallet deliveries should be notified/approved  prior to delivery, containers require appointment, pallet exchange not available.

All customs and duties must be paid prior to delivery. 

American Flags


Sell on from Canada

YYZ Prep provides full end-to-end prep service for Canadian orders being shipped to US FBA. All prep work is done at the same rate. The only difference is a forwarding fee for boxes to the US. 

How's it work?

We make your shipping plan based from our New York location and have your FBA boxes taken across the border so you can utilize Amazon Partnered Carrier Discounted UPS rates in your shipping plans! 

You can only ship $800 USD of retail value to the USA per day - but that's not your headache! We'll handle splitting up the boxes so they remain under your limit.

What's included?

• Bypassing customs clearance via Section 32

• Splitting boxes into $800 USD Retail Value (calculated by our software)

• Manifesting box contents for cross-border service documentation

• No brokerage fees

How much does it cost?

The only fees you pay are based per box and are solely based on weight - see pricing guide below:

Less than 10lb                           $3.87    

Between 10lb and 20lb            $5.70   

Between 21lb and 40lb            $9.99    

Over 40lb                                  $13.99   

Keep in mind, Amazon FBA boxes are only allowed to weigh up to 50lb (unless individual items are greater than 50lb). All boxes are less than 25 inches on every side.


Please Read Carefully

Due to the nature of certain goods and US customs regulations, we are not able to ship some goods that are FDA regulated. It it your responsibility to ensure that your products can be shipped and contact US FDA if you're unsure. More information can be found on the government website here:

YYZ Prep is not responsible for any fees, charges, or inventory that does not follow US customs regulations

  • Drugs (Prescription and non-prescription drugs)

  • Biologics (vaccines, blood products)

  • Medical Devices

  • Electronic Products that give off radiation

  • Cosmetics (nail polish and perfume)

  • Veterinary Products

  • Tobacco Products

  • Lithium Batteries (by themselves)

As of January 2022, we now offer Prior Notice services for FDA (food) shipments to Amazon USA. 

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