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YYZ PREP Registration

Register below to work with YYZ Prep. We'll have an invitation for you to join our platform within 24 hours along with a call, email or text to help get you setup.

Need more info? Send us an email at today!

Which marketplaces are you using YYZ Prep for?
How much volume do you require prep service for?
Services you're looking for:
Are you able to meet the $500 CAD/month minimum prep spend? Please note we are currently only taking on clients that can meet the minimum monthly spend at the moment. If you do not meet the minimum, the monthly invoice will be rounded up to meet the minimum.
What type of business model do you require services for?
When would you like to begin?
How do you prefer to be communicated with for onboarding?

Your application will be reviewed shortly and if approved, invitations will be sent to the email addresses above. By accepting your invitation and sending products to our warehouse, you agree to our terms of service.

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