How It Works

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect when using YYZ Prep

Create Inbound Plan

Within our platform, you'll be able to easily create an inbound shipping plan that live syncs to your Amazon inventory. This lets us know exactly what you're sending to us. You can add a tracking number so it will be automatically tracked and we can estimate the day of arrival of your goods!

Receive & Inspect

Once we receive your inventory, we'll inspect it for visual damages and update your received inventory count on our platform for you to see.

Create Outbound Shipping Plan

When you're ready to prep and ship, you can make an Outbound Shipping Plan within the YYZ Prep Online Platform. This is where you'll add one whatever prep you need done and select your ASIN and quantities to ship to Amazon. You will be able to create this plan, and view your currently inventory sitting at YYZ Prep, as well as sync and select inventory from your Amazon account all within the platform.


Unlike some other prep centers, we once you've sent us what you want done we won't be annoying you with requests for box labels, dimensions for you to upload, etc. Once you make your shipping plan, the rest is all taken care of by our expert preppers. Your shipment will be prepped and ready for courier pickup (depending on volume).


You can use all the time you saved to go ahead and take your business to the next level.

Ready to get started?