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How It Works

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect when using YYZ Prep

Create Inbound Plan

  • Easily create an inbound shipping plan within our platform that live syncs to your Amazon inventory.

  • Get real-time information on what you're sending to us.

  • Add a tracking number for automatic tracking and estimated day of arrival.

  • Match your OA and wholesale orders to your provided order numbers for accurate inventory management.

  • Streamline the inbound process and get real-time updates on your inventory.

  • Enhanced visibility of your inventory and streamlined process for better control.

Receive & Inspect

  • Upon receipt of your inventory, we match it to the inbound plan you created.

  • Update your received inventory count on our platform for you to see.

  • Notify you of any issues regarding the receiving process.

  • Ensure accurate inventory tracking and management.

Create Outbound Shipping Plan

  • Create an Outbound Shipping Plan within the YYZ Prep Online Platform.

  • Add any necessary prep work and select ASINs and quantities to ship to Amazon.

  • View your current inventory stored at YYZ Prep.

  • Synchronize and select inventory from your Amazon account within the platform.

  • All shipping plan management in one place and easily accessible.


  • No need to deal with annoying requests for box labels, dimensions and others.

  • Our expert preppers handle all the logistics and prep work.

  • Trust us to handle your shipment and courier pickup.

  • Save time and focus on taking your business to the next level.

Ready to get started?

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