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Sell on from Canada

Did you know the has 10x the amount of customers? That means an item ranked 100,000 on Amazon USA is roughly the same as an item ranked 10,000 in Canada. That's 90,000 more products you can sell with the same volume!

YYZ Prep provides full end-to-end prep service for orders being shipped to US FBA. All prep work is done at the same rate. The only difference is you'll have to pay a forwarding to US fee. 

How's it work?

We make your shipping plan based from our New York location and have your FBA boxes taken across the border so you can utilize Amazon Partnered Carrier Discounted UPS rates in your shipping plans! 

You can only ship $800 USD of retail value to the USA per day without declaration - but that's not your headache! We'll handle splitting up the boxes so they remain under your limit.

What's included?

• Customs clearance under $800 USD

• Splitting boxes into $800 USD Retail Value (based on lowest general ASIN price)

• Manifesting box contents for cross-border service documentation

• No brokerage fees

How much does it cost?

The only fees you pay are based per box and are solely based on weight - see pricing guide below:

Less than 10lb                           $4.99 

Between 10lb and 20lb            $7.49    

Between 21lb and 40lb            $12.49    

Over 40lb                                  $15.99 


Hands-free prior notice service available at $1.75/prior notice 

Keep in mind, Amazon FBA boxes are only allowed to weigh up to 50lb (unless individual items are greater than 50lb). All boxes are less than 25 inches on every side.

FDA Prior Notice Service

We Ship Food

We ship food to the USA with our built-in FDA Prior Notice service! You don't have to do anything, we take care of all the paperwork.

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Due to the nature of certain goods and US customs regulations, we are not able to ship some goods that are FDA regulated. It it your responsibility to ensure that your products can be shipped and contact US FDA if you're unsure. More information can be found on the government website here:

YYZ Prep is not responsible for any fees, charges, or inventory that does not follow US customs regulations

  • Drugs (Prescription drugs)

  • Biologics (vaccines, blood products)

  • Medical Devices

  • Electronic Products that give off radiation

  • Cosmetics (nail polish and perfume)

  • Veterinary Products

  • Tobacco Products

  • Lithium Batteries (by themselves)

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