A prep center that really makes your

life easier.

No more confusing spreadsheets.

No long communication delays.

No nickel and diming every little expense.


Selling on Amazon Canada

Full prep services available for both US and Canadian marketplace sellers.

All prep is done by our expert preppers following Amazon specific guidelines. 

We're located close to multiple Amazon FC's in GTA, and only an hour away from the border for US drop-offs.


Selling to the US from Canada?

We make it easy. YYZ Prep manifests your packages, boxes them to maximize the retail value per box ($800/day) and our cross-border partner takes care of the rest! 

Take advantage of Amazon.com's 10x customer base (compared to .ca) and start selling in the US from Canada today!

Services Offered

  • FBA Full Prep Service for Amazon.ca

  • FBA Full Service Prep for Amazon.com 

  • LTL Shipment Handling for Amazon.ca

  • eCommerce Fulfillment Services for FBM

  • Carton Forwarding

  • Removal Order Consolidation (temporarily suspended)

  • Refund Inspection & Reshipment

  • Long term storage (temporarily suspended)

  • Drip Feeding Into Amazon (.ca/.com)


Online Arbitrage
Private Label
No minimum units per shipment

Prep Center Benefits

Work ON your business, not IN it

You didn't become a business owner to do mindless labor work - focus on the macro.

Save $$$

The best LTL rates, cheaper SPD rates as we're close to multiple FC's, and super-competitive prep fees (without the nickel and diming)

Keep Your Home a Home 

Clear up the clutter in your living room, garage and driveway.

Faster Turnaround

Get your average shipments in and out within 24-48 hours.


Our FBA Platform

warehouse demo pic.png

We believe customers should be as hands off as possible once we receive their inventory. YYZ Prep makes this possible by using a web platform that's easy to use, syncs with your Amazon, and let's us do the heavy lifting.

Amazon App Integration

No user permissions needed - we connect directly to your Amazon account through the MWS API. No more confusing spreadsheets needed.

Live Inventory Sync

Your Amazon inventory will update live as you add items to your Amazon account, so you won't need waste time manually sending us info

Amazon Requirement Sync

Our software automatically pulls any Amazon required prep for your ASINs and adds it to your plan so you won't miss anything

Shipment Plan Sync

Once we're connected, we can handle all shipping plan related actions meaning you just send us the inventory and relax

No More Labels

We take care of the manifest, FNSKU, and box label delivery to Amazon to purchase UPS shipments from your account, so no time is wasted waiting for box labels, shipping labels, etc.

Automatic Billing & Tiers

Your billing tier is automatically selected at the end of your billing cycle based on the units prepped that month. 

Analytics & Reports

Easily view your invoices, prep analytics and reports on your history of prep with us.

Tracking Insights

From your supplier to us, and us to Amazon, you'll have full live tracking insights to view what's in progress, transit, completed, and arrived. 



Need More Info? Email support@yyzprep.ca or call (647) 250 0111