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Save time & money by shipping LTL!

Program Currenly In Beta With Approved Clients

Our Service Includes:

  Optional Full Service HTS/HS Code Classification

  Discounted LTL Freight Rates

  Customs Brokerage Handling & Export to USA

  Optional Commercial Invoice Generation

  Full Amazon Shipping Plan Integration

  Faster Check-In Times to Amazon FC's

  No Limit on Value of Shipment

  Fully Integrated with our Prep Service

American Flags


American Flags

Customs & Duties

Duty & Tariff Estimation

You can click here for a tool that may help you estimate your potential duties. 

Use the following settings:

• Highway Mode of Transport

• Country of Export: Canada

• Country of Import: USA

Please Note:

Only pay attention to "Customs Fees" - the Service Fees are irrelevant here

Customs brokerage will charge an additional 5% of all payables (duties, MPF, etc.)


YYZ Prep provides full end-to-end prep service for Canadian orders being shipped to US FBA. All prep work is done at the same rate. We are now proud to offer LTL processing of US bound shipments for our approved clients.

How's it work?
We prep and work on your shipments as usual, but they are created on pallets via 2D barcodes. Once your shipment is completed, we will get you the best quote for freight to the designated Amazon FC in the USA.

We take care of all the hassle with customs, duties, brokerage, etc.

What's included?
• Freight booking & pickup (freight cost not included)
• Manifesting commercial & customs invoice
• Full customs brokerage service
• Seller Central staff access account for managing LTL labels

How much does it cost?
We charge a service fee that covers all your brokerage, customs, bonds, manifest submission, etc.  Any duties owed are added to your monthly invoice.

Your fees = Clearance Fee + Duties + Freight

What we need from you?
You make your outbound as usual on the web app - and use the [LTL] prefix on your shipment name to identify it as an LTL shipment to the USA. You can also put this in the notes.

Please ensure your products are not restricted and if they need any additional documents for clearance (i.e. Toys requiring CPCs) they are provided before shipping is confirmed.

Send an email to  with subject 'LTL Manifest Request' and a link to your outbound.

You will receive a document template your products. Please fill out the document and reply to the email/attach it to your outbound. 

The document template will ask for purchase price, currency, HS codes, country of origin (if available). You are responsible for the accuracy of this information. Any infractions, penalties or fees incurred by misinformation on this document will be billed and charged to you.

If you would like your ASINs to be researched for correct HS code classifications  billed at $1.99 CAD per unique SKU per document.


Please Read Carefully

Due to the nature of certain goods and US customs regulations, we are not able to ship some goods that are FDA regulated. It it your responsibility to ensure that your products can be shipped and contact US FDA if you're unsure. More information can be found on the government website here:

YYZ Prep is not responsible for any fees, charges, or inventory that does not follow US customs regulations - the list below is not exhaustive

  • Drugs (Prescription and non-prescription drugs)

  • Biologics (vaccines, blood products)

  • Medical Devices

  • Electronic Products that give off radiation

  • Cosmetics (nail polish and perfume)

  • Veterinary Products

  • Tobacco Products

  • Lithium Batteries (by themselves)

As of January 2022, we now offer Prior Notice services for FDA (food) shipments to Amazon USA. 

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